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Claudius Sibanda

Claudius Sibanda is a Founding Member of Friends of Free Wildlife.

He is a qualified wildlife rehabilitator and completed the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Basic Course and the advanced courses in Parasitology and Wound Management in February 2017.

Claudius is experienced in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation

Claudius worked for 10 years at FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (now closed) and has rehabilitated many species of birds, mammals and reptiles.

Claudius has been an integral part of establishing the Free Wildlife Centre and is the Centre Animal Manager.

He is involved in all aspects of our Centre and also trains our volunteers.

Claudius has continued with his education after passing his A Levels in Zimbabwe. He has a Diploma in Veterinary Service and Agriculture and was a veterinary inspector in Zimbabwe; Certificate for Snake Handling and Snake Bite treatment and a Diploma in Veterinary Surgery.