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Executive Board

Our Executive Board

Margi Brocklehurst

Margi Brocklehurst is a Founding Member of Friends of Free Wildlife.

Margi is the chairlady of the Board of Friends of Free Wildlife.

Margi is passionate about ethical wildlife rehabilitation and education in all areas of society and most importantly the role of volunteers in our organisation.

Margi Brocklehurst introduces herself:

I have been a resident of South Africa since November 1974; I’m now 65 years old and still feel the urge to make a difference!

My husband Rob and I have 2 wonderful daughters, Zoë a wildlife scientist/ecologist and Kirsti who works as a senior online editor.

At home I help Rob with our small business, Aardvark Tree Services; I am the office girl, bookkeeper and coffee maker too.

We have 4 dogs, a parrot and two garden ponds, one for the koi and one for the tilapia and the frogs, I am a keen gardener when time allows!


I am a wildlife rehabilitator who has raised many different birds and mammals including: bush babies, squirrels, genets, hedgehogs, field mice, duiker, bushbuck, blesbok, eland and many species of birds.

I have completed the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) certification twice, in 2004 and 2015.

I was a founding volunteer at FreeMe in February 1997.

Sue Slotar, Merle Jankelowitz & Sharon Sasportas started FreeMe in February 1997.

I had met Sue Slotar whilst rehabbing owls and became founder volunteer and board member of FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. I became CEO from 2002 and I served in many capacities including finance and was the main PR and fundraising director.

I was involved with the organising and hosting of the first IWRC course in 2004 at Delta Park. I again attended and passed the exam for the IWRC Course in November 2015.

I was involved with the vision and building of FreeMe KZN, Howick. It was established over 10 years ago and continues today as a small, custom built, wildlife rehabilitation centre which has developed into an antelope and small mammal facility.

I was a director until I joined JGISA and still like to keep in touch.

After leaving FreeMe I became the Executive Director at the Jane Goodall Institute, managing Roots and Shoots and the Chimp Eden Chimp Sanctuary in Nelspruit.

The building of a new and invigorated wildlife centre became essential with the closure of FreeMe.

Friends of Free Wildlife was registered as a Non Profit Organisation on May 31st 2016; we acquired a rental property on 1st August 2016and formally opened with a full rehabilitation permit on 15th December 2016.


Volunteers I believe should be a treasured resource and I am passionate about building a vibrant and well respected wildlife rehabilitation centre, Free Wildlife.


Wendy Brodie

Wendy Brodie is a Founding Member of Friends of Free Wildlife.

Wendy is a member of the Board of Friends of Free Wildlife.

Portfolio: Media and Volunteer Management.

Wendy was actively involved with FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation (now closed) for 16 years.


Wendy gives her background in Wildlife Rehabilitation:

The rehabilitation of tortoises has been my passion and I have involved myself with every aspect of the concerns of tortoises for the past 15 years.

I also have worked with small mammals and garden birds for many years.

I completed and passed the IWRC certification twice, in 2004 and again in November 2015. In 2017 I completed 2 advanced IWRC courses.

At FreeMe I assisted with kitchen duties, clinic duties, gave the Orientation courses for prospective volunteers for 5 years and was a member for the Volunteer Committee.

In addition I was a shift leader, stand-in clinic manager and worked 3 shifts a week.

I am passionate about our beautiful new FFW Centre.

I would like others with an interest in wildlife to enjoy the same experience and education I have been privileged to receive in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of urban wildlife.

I look forward to welcoming and training Volunteers from the length and breadth of our city and from all walks of life and all ages.

Our Volunteers provide a critical link into our wider community, besides being informal educators, keeping an eye on the resident wildlife and intervening when necessary.

Well trained. competent and passionate Volunteers will sustain FFW well into the future, ensuring the legacy of our knowledge is recorded, widely used and enhanced.


Marion Heaney

Marion Heaney is a Board Member of Friends of Free Wildlife.

Marion’s portfolio is Fundraising, Public Relations and Events.

Marion matriculated in 1978 in Vereeniging, studied chemistry and has worked as a research chemist from 1981-2008.

Marion started volunteering at an Orphanage for HIV and abandoned children in the late 1990's until 2007, where she worked with mostly the pre teen boys but also managed the volunteer program for all 12 houses.

She also volunteered at the same time at a home for adults with TB and HIV.

Marion started as a volunteer at FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (now closed) in 2008, completed orientation, clinic, first aid courses.

Marion was also involved in Fund Raising; she worked two shifts weekly, Monday and Wednesday

Marion has completed and passed the IWRC Basic Rehabilitation Course in February 2017.

Marion is married to Trevor and has 3 grown up children and 1 grandchild.

Her hobbies are golf, squash, running, gym, painting, reading and bird watching.